Petrovac, Montenegro

Petrovac is a small coastal town that has a mild Mediterranean climate with almost 300 sunny days a year, and it is characterized by numerous bays, long beaches and small sandy bay, most beautiful in this region.

Most popular beaches are: Drobni pjesak, Lucice and Buljarica. Petrovac decorated olive, orange, bay leaves, lemons, Leandro. Forests sprung up in the rocks surrounding the bay each and every one of nearly a dozen villages are located on the southern sides of the surrounding hills. Surrounding countryside is lush, green and surprising.

Petrovac near the airport in Tivat and Podgorica, the international port of Bar, Budva and Kotor, as well as nearby roads to the interior Montenegro and beyond. Do Herceg Novi in the west to Ada Bojana in the far south and the old capital Cetinje comes up for about an hour. As a tourist destination Petrovac was discovered thirties of last century. In the fifties, was built on the pier where they can fit tourist boats, sailboats and yachts.

Today the entire town devoted to tourism and the services required by the modern guest.

Petrovac offers a wide choice of cafe's, bars and confectionery, which are an essential supply. Traditional cuisine is full of seafood, fish, pasta and greens is expected of every visitor who comes in Petrovac. Also, Petrovac adorn many natural, cultural and historical monuments that show the rich history of this place.

All things that are found prefer family holiday, an expanse of beach and Petrovac peace that offers its guests, are back again. Petrovac expects all old friends and new visitors in one full beauty.

Petrovac is a small place for a great holiday.